Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Barry M Genie Lip Paint ***Review***

Behold, the review is finally here for the Barry M Genie Lip Paint! Apologies guys for keeping you waiting. It's been a very busy time for the Modellé girls.

So yeah, this 'magic' piece of make-up is a lip paint that appears green but when you put it on your lips it gives you your own shade of pink! It does this by adapting to the Alkaline in your lips so everyone can achieve their own personal look.

For those who haven't read the previous post about the product, here's the link so you can get yourself up to date

Our Guinea Pig for the lippy was Sharelle and here's what she had to say about it (inc. pics):

'I apologise in advance for the pics of me lol I'm so embarrassed. I haven't put a filter on them either because I wanted the pictures to be true to colour. My iPhone's front camera isn't the best either so excuse the quality. If this gets too long for you just scroll to the bottom where I've done a  quick summarised bullet point review.

Here's a pic of me with nothing on my lips so you can compare the difference. Ahhh!

Just to make sure that I wasn't wasting my money, as soon as I found the lipstick in Boots I used the tester on the back of mine and my mums hand to see whether it really differs depending on your colour and it did! Mine was more orange compared to my mum (she's like 2 shades darker than I am).

When I first put it on
(with loads of coats)
((extra extra pink))
I bought it and put it on straight away, this must have been at like 5pm and I swear to you this lipstick stayed on right until I wiped it off (considering the fact that I accidentally fell asleep with my clothes and makeup on and didn't end up getting doing this until like 2/3am and even then the lippy was visible, I was shocked). So after 10 hours it was still going strong!

And even when I was awake it didn't go easy on it. I was busy chatting away, even went for a McDonalds and had a full large meal WITH a milkshake (because I'm a skinny health freak.. not) and it was still on after that. Please bare in mind that I did not reapply it what so ever. But to be fair when I first put it on I put on a lot of coats because initially it doesn't come out pink straight away, so I put on quite a bit and it came out REALLY pink! LOL <<<

So for those of you who plan to use this lipstick and don't want to look like someone's given you a hickey on your lip, don't do what I did. After I'd eaten it wasn't as pink though so that was okay. But if you like that kind
of shade I suppose it could be used to go out to a party or something, but it's not what I'd wear on a casual day.

The next day I gave it another try, but this time with just a quick thin coat and it came out so lovely, like a subtle pink. It was really cute. Have a look >>>

And THEN to spice things up a bit, I put on my usual orangey (which for me is like a nude lol) shimmer lipgloss (from Accessorize) with a coat of the Barry M on top, and I thought it was gorgeous, that was probs my fav way to wear it. Look below.

A few additional things I should also comment on:
1. It's quite a balmy lipstick if you know what I mean, it glides on and has a little sheen to it (not too much, just enough) so that's quite nice, unless you like your mattes.
2. After a while it sort of blends into your lips like a lip stain which is probably why it lasts so long

3. It's not perfumed, it sort of smells like clay but that's not noticeable until you give it a proper sniff like I did because I'm weird lool

But yeah, I had a lot of fun experimenting with it and discovering all of the different ways to wear it

Overall I'd say I was happy with the lip paint, it does everything it says on the tin (not that it comes in a tin but you get the gist). Thank you very much Barry M!'

  • Smooth glide
  • A little sheen
  • Non-perfumed
  • Has sort of a stain effect
  • Lasts AGES!
  • The more coats you apply, the darker/stronger the colour and vice versa
  • Can be worn on top of other lip glosses/lip sticks to achieve desired shade
  • You don't have to worry about eating food or talking for ages because it ain't goin nowhere!

Please take into consideration before purchasing this lipstick that the colour of Sharelle's lips/skin is probably different from yours so your look is most likely going to also be different.

If you do decide to buy one, take some selfies and send them in to us so we can have a look! Don't be shy, we won't bite, promise.

Let us know your thoughts on our feedback and whether there's anything else you'd like us to talk about.

Oh and look below for some more selfies of Sharelle with the lip paint on :)

Hugs and kisses. #Modellé

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Beauty Bargain Buy

It's the weekend and we're feeling good so we thought we'd share some of that goodness with you guys by sharing a quick beauty bargain buy that we discovered about a year ago. 

We were watching some YouTube vloggers (as you do) and this particular young lady, who we can't seem to remember, was talking about her skin care regime. She went through all the products, tools and techniques that she used and then she started to speak about an item that she uses to quickly get rid of that facial fluff you get sometimes. We were very intrigued as we'd never seen anything like it before. Take a look: 

It's basically a manual epilator (so yes, it does hurt just a tad) otherwise known as an Epistick. You sort of bend the two ends and roll it against your skin and it snags the hairs out to leave you with a smooth 'bum-fluff' free face! Now we're not gonna lie to you and say it's pain free because it certainly isn't but it's well worth the sacrifice and the main reason for that is because you can get yourself one of these for the same price as a Galaxy Milk Chocolate Bar. We purchased this little beauty for £1.00 on our trusty site Ebay!
Click the link to see for yourself:

The first few times that you use it, it is uncomfortable but after a while you sort of become numb to the pain. And it's certainly more convenient than other hair methods such as hair removal cream, plucking, waxing etc. 

Hope you enjoyed our little treat from us to you and if you don't go ahead and buy it, you can always recommend it to a friend. 

Hugs and kisses. #Modellé XOX3

Time to Get Cleansing!

So as much as we love beauty products like foundation, powder, blusher and concealer sometimes they just don’t always agree with our skin. We all know that in order to look your best with make-up your skin has to be dealt with first – And if you don’t know that now you do! So make sure you read carefully if you have scarring to tackle, dark circles to get rid of or just a date with a hot guy that you need to impress. 

Cleansers, creams and face scrubs are everyday treatments that we use to make sure the glow from our skin shines through our make-up but sometimes we just need a little extra pamper to feel a lot better.. Welcome to the world of natural face-masks!

Now we know it sounds a tad crazy, I mean using ‘natural’ stuff is pretty weird but we've found that shop-bought face masks not only contain chemicals and other nasties that we don’t want on our face, but they also don’t always clean out our pores in the way we want them to. It’s time to whip open the kitchen cupboards and look at what natural products we can use to keep our skin feeling and looking fresh.

Having a look online there’s loads of ideas of using things like lemons, ice, garlic and even Aloe Vera to get rid of scarring and produce a more radiant looking face but really, who wants to be rubbing garlic on their a few times a week? So we've come up with our personal favorite ultimate trio face-mask: Tumeric, yogurt, and honey!

Tumeric, yogurt and honey all have healing and cleansing properties and work well together, not to mention they get right into your pores and clean the areas of your skin you cant clean with an everyday face-wash. Combined they create a very light paste so its sometimes best to add a little flour to thicken the mixture. We've told you the three ingredients you need for this face-mask, apply twice a week and the rest is down to you guys (we've made a step by step guide if you really aren't sure.)


1. Prepare two teaspoons of tumeric powder, two heaped table spoons of yogurt and one tablespoon of honey into a bowl and mix together (it doesn't need to be exact measurements)

2. Apply the paste onto your face using a clean brush; adding a tablespoon of plain flour to thicken the paste if necessary

3. Leave to set for 20 minutes then wash off like you'd normally wash your face

4. Repeat twice a week and watch for results!

We'd love to see your before and after pics but if you really don't know whether or not to risk it, stay tuned for pictures from one of our very own girls..

Hugs and kisses. #Modellé XOX3

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Taming the Wild Fro

Anyone with Afro/Carribbean (or some sort of mix there inbetween) will understand the constant battle to maintain their hair. Credit to the girls who can rock the natural look but I'm yet to come across a woman with Afro/Carribbean hair who has just done a wash-and-go without some sort of styling. Whether it's blow-drying, straigtening, relaxing, texturising, braids, weave etc - there's always something that people have done in order to tame their 'fro.

Even though we would love to see more natural hairstyles out and about, we completely understand the complications. It's such a common thing to see a female of Afro/Carribbean decendence walking around flicking their European looking hair. So common that it literally has just become the norm and when we see someone with an afro it's like woah - there's something out of the ordinary. What's that all about ladies?

**At the rate we're going it won't be long before Afro/Carribbean men start walking around with their hair straigtened if that's what we're going to be displaying to our sons. Lol can you imagine? We have actually seen some guys with texturised hair so this is something that could potentially happen. Remember we told you.**

Besides all of that, what we would like to know is how you guys manage your natural hair? What you do with it, what you put in it and all that jazz.

One thing that we've have heard good feedback about is Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Perfect Edge's Control (because we all know how cheeky those hairs on the hair line can get sometimes). Apparently it's not sticky, not hard, not greasy, not flaky but it holds the hair very well which is what we like to hear! Tbh it sounds like a God-send but there's only one way to find out. So if anyone has tried this product please give us a shout. Pictures would be a bonus.

Also, it would be amazing if you could send us pics of your natural Afro/Carribbean (or mixed) hair! What's your favourite way to wear your hair? Feel free to share some tips and advice on it too.

Let us know your thoughts about this topic, we welcome all views and voices.

Hugs and kisses. #Modellé XOX3


Our Google+ has just launched. Search Modelle to find us or click this link 

Hugs and kisses. #Modellé XOX3

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Barry M Genie Lip Paint

Just a quick post from us to you to let you know that we are mega excited about the launch of Barry M’s Genie Lip Paint that comes out today (available in most Boots stores) for £4.49

So get this. This lipstick is green. But don’t be frightened because the amazing thing about it is that it’s magic. Once it gets onto your lips it actually gives you your own personal shade of pink! There are some scientific technicalities about it but that’s all long so what we will say is that every person gets their own unique look. So you and your girls could all have it but look completely different with it on. And we think that’s the best thing about it tbh, no one wants to be looking the same as everyone else. It’s your own!
An additional plus is that it claims to last up to 8 hours! So hopefully this isn’t a lipstick that’s going to need to be reapplied every 2 minutes.

One of our Modelle girls is planning to pick one up from Boots very soon. So we will be giving you a review on the product (feel free to wait before you buy just in case we have to eat our words.) *****REVIEW has since been posted:*****

And here’s a BONUS for those of you that have kept up and can’t be bothered to go to Boots to buy this lip paint: We found a 25% off offer on Barry M products on Look Magazine’s website. Just use the discount code: LOOK25 to receive your discount. Don’t say we don’t look after you. You can thank us later.

Hugs and kisses. #Modellé XOX3